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ZORA VARIABLE SPEED AQUAPLANING ROUTER 230V/ 50-60Hz/ 3HP/ 2.2 kW/ 2,000 >> 10,000 RPM

Zora aqua variable sp

The ELECTRONIC ZORA VARIABLE SPEED AQUAPLANING ROUTER ( SHAPE - MILLING) MACHINE shapes and polishes the edges of any type of natural and synthetic stone. The rotation speed can be finely adjusted from 2,000 to 10,000 rpm and is visualized on the designated measuring scale. The introduction of engineered stone has made necessary an intermediate speed on portable routers to avoid overheating and burning of resin - based tooling.

These featured allow to exploit the properties of every single tool to their maximum.

The AQUAPLANING SYSTEM gives excellent protection from scratches and washes down the slab during operation.


Spindle: Stainless steel; Rotation speeds: 2,000rpm to 10,000rpm;

Tool holder diameter: 22.2mm ( 0.87'');

Rise and fall: 30mm ( 1.18'');

Frame: Aluminum housing;

Power: 2.2 kW Electronic vectorial inverter;

Supply tensions: 230V/50-60Hz/ single phase;Thermal overload safety cut-out;

Base: Aquaplaning system;

Machine: length: 560mm ( 22''), width: 350mm ( 13.7''), height: 380mm ( 15'');

Power unit:  length: 400mm ( 15.75''), width: 200mm ( 7.9''), height: 300mm ( 11.8'');

Power cord: from Power unit to Machine: 6m ( 18ft), from Outlet to Power unit: 6m ( 20ft). 

Machine weight: 44.5kg (98lbs);

Packed into wooden case: 670 x 620 x 540mm;

Shipping weight: 58kg (128lbs).

Please note that we recomend ZORA VARIABLE SPEED AQUAPLANING ROUTER and believe that it is the best value within our product line to accoplish the three key steps in countertop fabrication: stock removal, shaping and polishing.