Before resurfacing of precision granite plate

Plate before small

After resurfacing of precision granite plate

Plate after small

Our team has the knowledge and skills, based on years of experience in the manufacture and repair of high-precision granite surface plates. As a result, we have gradually turned our focus of activity in this area to quality repair and resurfacing of high-precision granite surface plates.

And because we believe in building lasting relationships with customers by providing quality output and service, we can now be easily addressed as one of the very best in resurfacing of precision granite plates in Southeast Europe.

What results we achieve in our work?

In the repairing of precision granite plates we guarantee high surface accuracy in accordance with DIN 876. Measured at standard temperature of 20° C (68° F), the allowable variation of the measuring surface to a true plane in microns (µ) or mil = 0.001 inch, where L is the length of the longest side of the plate, shall be as follows:

  Metric (L in mm) SAE (L in inch)
DIN 876/III µm = 40 + (L / 25) mil = 1.575 + (L / 25)
DIN 876/ II µm = 20 + (L / 50) mil = 0.787 + (L / 50)
DIN 876/ I µm = 10 + (L / 100) mil = 0.394 + (L / 100)
DIN 876/ 0 µm = 4 + (L / 250) mil = 0.157 + (L / 250)


How often should a surface plate be resurfaced?

The answer of this question depends on the plate usage and environment. The manufacturers recommend that a new plate or precision granite accessory receive a full surface repair within one year of purchase. If the plate is receiving a heavy usage, it may be advisable to shorten this interval to sixth months. After the results of first repair are known, the resurface interval may be shortened as required by the customer’s own quality system.

How we work with our clients?

At this time the following procedure is established to be respected by our customers: The customer is in charge to transport their plates to our factory for inspection or/and repair and lift it upon notice following analysis / repair completion. Within a reasonable time following the plates receiving (in all cases not more than two business days) it is our responsibility to inspect the plate, analyze the damaged areas and provide (for each plate individually) a repair offer for the respective grade of accuracy, chosen by the customer. In case the offer is not accepted any costs on inspection made by us are our own responsibility and the customer is responsible solely for plate collection costs. Upon offer acceptance and following the respective advance payment, the repair is to be performed and the customer is to be duly informed upon work completion to organize remaining payment and plate lifting from our premises.

The work organization described above has so far proved to be most efficient and convenient for us and our clients. However, we are always ready to accept any new idea that would contribute to add more quality, convenience and efficiency to our collaboration with our clients.

What we believe?

We believe in high quality of our work. Therefore we provide the following special offer to our new customers: We will give you our offer and will repair your first plate. You will acknowledge the result of our work and knowing our price would pay as much as you consider appropriate, even if it is less than the offer price.

In all cases in order to receive further information or schedule inspection dates/periods, please fill out the contact form on the left. We consider this to be the most convenient way to contact us.