Who we are

As of 2016, our team has 40 years of experience in the field of machine design and manufacture, including in the field of designing and manufacturing of CNC machinery and automatic systems, as well as 16 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of stone processing machines.

The company was founded in 1990 by engineers specializing in CNC machines design and manufacture. Since than Promak has developed profound expertise in production and repair of CNC and automatic machines for various industries such as the engineering industry, the electronics industry, as well as the industries related to the production of food, cosmetics, sport goods and accessories.


What we do

16 years ago, Promak began to focus a significant part of its activity in the design and manufacture of stone processing machines, which today are known and very well accepted on the North American market. Today our team produces various types of stone processing machines, such as portable electric routers, portable grinding and polishing machines, portable drilling machines, electric rail saws, beveling machines and pneumatic bridge saws and line cutting centers for middle blocks and slabs.

Our goal is to provide to our customers professional machines for each operation associated with the stone processing.

Our stone processing machines:

  • Work with all brands of instruments;
  • Have a very solid stable when working in harsh conditions;
  • Are compact and lightweight to ensure convenient carry and transportation;
  • Are very easy to service and work with;
  • Provide excellent instrument grip and effortless instrument replacement;
  • Are very reliable and made exclusively of high-quality materials;
  • Come with the longest warranty in the branch.